Clauses and phrases of reason

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When you want to explain why something happens, you can use a clause of reason introduced by a conjunction (because, as, since) or a phrase introduced by “because of”.

  • Daniel joined the English Drama Club because / as/ since he wanted to improve his intonation.
  • As / Since/ Because Daniel wanted to improve his intonation, he joined the English Drama club.

Use a comma when the clause or phrase of reason is at the begging of the sentence.

  • Since I cleaned my bedroom yesterday, I don’t need to clean it today.

As and since are used when the reason is already known to the listener.

  • As it is raining again, we will have to cancel the match.

As and since-clauses are relatively formal. In an informal style, the same idea can be expressed with so.

  • It is raining again, so we will have to cancel the match.

Because-clauses are used to give information which isn’t already known to the reader or listener.

  • Because he had not paid the bill, his electricity was cut off.

Note that a because-clause can stand alone. As and since-clauses cannot be used like this.

  • Why are you looking at her like that?” “Because she smiled at me.” (NOT As she smiled at me.) (NOT Since she smiled at me.)
Clauses and phrases of reason
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