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This first section is aimed at checking identification. The test has not officially started. You should NOT try to give extended answers. Just answer the questions briefly and directly.

Every candidate is asked these questions, exactly (or almost exactly) as they are written here.

The introductory questions are asked at the beginning of Part 1 of the Speaking test for two reasons:

  • To confirm the identity of the Candidate for Examiner and for the DRD recording (DRD means Digital Recording Device).
  • To provide some simple warm up questions to help the candidate to start thinking in English.

It is important to remember that this part of the test is not rated so there is no need to provide good answers. You just need to show that you understand the questions asked by the examiner and can provide simple, yet effective answers in grammatically and stylistically correct English.
You should also keep your answers short so that you will have more time for the rated questions in part 1. The more time you spend answering the introductory questions, the less time you will have to show your English ability in the rated section of part 1.

Standard introduction questions

1.  “Good morning (good afternoon). My name’s X. Can you tell me your full name, please?” 

Explanation: You are being asked a simple question to confirm your identity. So you only need to confirm your full name.

Possible answer:My name is Ivanova Olga”.

2.  “What can (shall) I call you?” 

Explanation: Examiners are unlikely to use your name in the interview, so do not worry about your name being possibly difficult for foreigners to pronounce. Simply give the name that your friends and family call you by.

Possible answer:Please, call me by my first name, which is Olga”.

3.  “Can you tell me where you’re from?” (Where are you from?)

Explanation: you are being asked a simple question to find out which part of your country you are from. So you only need to confirm your home town or province, and where it is in your country.

Possible answer:I am from Minsk”.

4.  “Can I see your identification, please?” (= Could I see your identification, please? )

Explanation: The examiner is asking to see your identification document-either your national identification card or your passport, so you need to have this ready (placed on the table in front of you) to give to the examiner to look at.

Possible answer:Here you are”.

Since this is the very beginning of the test and since the examiner wants to do this part quickly, try to avoid causing the examiner to ask you to repeat what you just said.

The four questions are standard questions that are used in every test.

IELTS Speaking. Part 1. Standard introduction questions
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